1st Natural Skin Care Bar Camp

(c) Wolfgang Falkner- NaturkosmetikCamp

Has the time come? The time HAS come!

Last Saturday I was invited to participate in the 1st natural skin care bar camp 2014 in Tyrol/Austria under the motto “the time is ripe!”.

Let me give you my first impressions straight away: Terrific, successful and an inspirational event! The time has come!

Again charismatic organizer of the event, Wolfgang Falkner, proved successfully that no one else manages to gather as many professionals from the different sectors of the natural skin care industry as him!

There were:

  • Manufacturers of natural skin care
  • Brands and Commerce
  • Spa Managers
  • Beauty parlours 
  • Consultants, Agencies, Press, Media
  • Hoteliers
  • Assessors
  • and even a few consumers

…meeting for the 1st Natural Skin Care Camp in Tyrol.

While remaining professional, Wolfgang manages to create a friendly and light-hearted atmosphere where ideas, innovations, networking and cooperation flow effortlessly. 


Wolfgang Falkner – a guarantee for successful events

Wolfgang is renowned for his great events: Last year (2013) he hosted the 4th SpaCamp (a so called Bar-Camp) which has evolved to become the biggest German-speaking Spa Event so far!

Hence it was only a logical solution to create a Camp for Natural Skin Care. Further insight can be found in an interesting Interview with Wolfgang Falkner

Apart from the fantastic organisation, which was evident prior to the event through the excellent communication and information (through various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters, Website), there was also an attractive supporting program surrounding the event. 


Broad variety of topics

Most importantly at such an event are the topics, and there was just as much professionalism here!

Amongst others, topics included:

  • Historical and current facts about the Natural skin care market in Europe
  • Together strong: “Working Partnerships” in communication (PR concepts for small budgets or newcomers)
  • Hands-on Workshop: Strong brands are emotional brands – through Service Design!

Of particular interest to me was the subject of Natural-Skin-Care Blogger Julia from Beautyjagd, which was: How is the market going to develop? 

Julia presented potential trends, which she identifies on the internet currently. This was followed by the discussion question, “if natural skin care should get its foundations from traditional skin care or from inventing totally new ideas?”

Currently, according to Julia, the main issues in Natural Skin Care are skin care and decorative cosmetics.

Another personal gain was the session “complete transparency for consumers – uncompromising quality vs. greenwashing”. 

Michael Pfister from PureGreen Group discussed existing quality seals and how meaningless and lacking in substance they currently are, and hence totally confusing for consumers. 

Concurring with this issue, Günther Reichelt came forward. He has created an opportunity for consumers to individually analyse the products they use by ingredients: www.cosmeticanalysis.com.


Let us age in dignity!

During a podium discussion by the event’s premium partners, Maria Piper from Piper Biokosmetik Manufaktur shined, and not only with her tremendously charming exclamation, “Let us age in dignity!”.

The beautiful Austrian, with the exquisite grey hair and young face, has been pleading for honest Bio-Cosmetics for years, and gave valuable insights in her sessions  „Natural Cosmetics“, „Natural Cosmetics with Bio-Ingredients” and “Bio Cosmetics” quality seals.


Keynote Speaker

Wolfgang’s sweeping events are renowned for attracting fitting and inspiring key note speakers.

This year he secured the charismatic Dr. Rebekka Reinhard. The philosopher, Dr. Reinhard delivered a slightly provocative discussion topic – external beauty versus charismatic inner beauty. She did this by decorating her speech with Daedalian stories of ancient Greek Myths.


All in all, a great day with empathetic people, useful information, and great organisation which allows you to get the most out of it!

That is why I am looking forward to the next “NaturkosmetikCamp” which Wolfgang will, no doubt, host again in such a solid way!

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1 Comment

  1. Liebe Anja,
    vielen Dank für deine Nachricht – und die freundliche Erwähnung in deinem Blog Artikel! Schön, wie du das geschrieben hast.
    Die Sache mit der Unterscheidung zwischen Natur- und Biokosmetik erscheint mir immer wichtiger. Darüber wird viel zu wenig nachgedacht. Allein die Sache mit der Gentechnik. Zertifizierte Biokosmetik wird kontrolliert und muss zum Beispiel nachweisen, dass bestimmte Rohstoffe frei von Gentechnik sind. Naturkosmetik muss dies nicht, muss auch keine Biorohstoffe verwenden, das bedeutet u. a. , den unmäßigen Einsatz von Schädlingsbekämpfungsmitteln in Kauf zu nehmen, und noch Vieles mehr. Als ich vor fast 30 Jahren begonnen habe, die ersten Salben zu rühren, war es selbstverständlich, dass Naturkosmetik bio mit allen Konsequenzen bedeutet. Davon sind wir heute weit entfernt. Deshalb finde ich es wichtig, den Konsumenten auf den Unterschied aufmerksam zu machen, denn erst wenn der informierte Kunde Wert darauf legt, wird sich so mancher Hersteller Bio-Rohstoffe verwenden, auch wenn sie teurer sind.
    So, jetzt habe ich es mir wieder einmal von der Seele geschrieben!
    Es grüßt dich herzlich,
    Maria Pieper
    Pieper Biokosmetik Manufaktur GmbH
    Rechtes Salzachufer 30
    5020 Salzburg

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