Ever tried ‘mountain blood’ before?

Have you ever tried ‘mountain blood’ before?

ouch, they got me.

I just agreed with power women Malu from Bergblut – Raw Organic Juices (Bergblut translates to ‘mountain blood’) on the phone to get to know each other and meet up next week, to which she invited me to the heart of Bergblut in a neighbouring town.

Would I be interested in taking the magical juices to try them at home?



Right, more detox cleansing for me (I am busy doing the 12 day detox challenge), however in another week’s time, I will get used to the thought and adjust morally to that.

But then, only half an hour later, there’s another call, and there has been a change in plan, if I were maybe available tomorrow…?

And which of the different programs am I interested in? Maybe the Red Carpet Cleanse, a fluid removing program suitable for beginners, or rather the Green Remover Cleanse, the “real green” for hardcore?

Sure! Thats the one I am having!

This is the moment to prove my flexibility that I keep bragging about, I am on my way.

This young business was founded in 2014 by Malu Hartmann, who brings valuable background knowledge and experience as a naturopath.  “Detox and molecular biology have always been my speciality” she says in the interview with me. And no, I am not allowed to take her picture, she is camera shy.

“Although she could well go bragging with her beautiful and smooth skin” I think to myself, “Bergblut is real beauty from within.”

Whilst she is taking me on a tour through her production site and explains her special pressing technique, I am sipping different juices and am continually amazed:

Not only are her compositions unique, the texture of the juices are incredibly smooth, homogeneous, velvety and yummy. And all of it without any additives or preservatives!

‘I have never tried anything like this’ I say, and Malu smirks impishly.

I hear that over and over again” she replies.

For me it is an explosion of taste, something I have experienced before only with authentic Indian cuisine. None of the individual ingredients are predominant in a unpleasant way, and the after taste is a firework of healthy tastes!

We press all our juices ourselves with a hydraulic press of 25 tons of pressure. This results in an essence of fruit and vegetables. 

Through this gentle and cold pressed process, the valuable nutrients like minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and micro organisms for our bodies remain in the juice. We only use the best quality organic raw materials, preferably from the region. I have worked on this project for about two years, and until now, I do almost everything myself. My day starts at 6 am and sometimes goes till midnight” Malu confesses.

In addition, she has not only developed the compositions of her juices carefully herself, but also the composition of the different boxes/cleanse programs.

There are people that drink our juices without wanting to detox or cleanse, for a healthy drink or snack in between meals. Our juices are great for athletes, but also children and seniors. How else can mothers get such an amount of veggies into their little ones? A bottle of 500 ml contains about 3 kg of veggies and fruit, no one could ever eat such an amount in solid form.”

We chat about the difference between juices and smoothies, about the black sheep in the industry who sell the simplest juices at low prices, and agree, that consumers cherish quality more and more.

Our success proves us right” says Malu proud, “once in a while I am intimidated by the amount of orders we receive, after such a short period”. 

The online shop has been operating for about 3 weeks, the goods are being shipped by overnight express.

This information leads me to my next question: How long can the juices be stored?

Malu explains: “Stored in a dark and cool place, they easily last for 3 days, hence we never ship more than a three-day serving to one consumer at a time. If you, for example, plan to do a cleanse for a week, you will receive several shipments.”

When saying my goodbyes, Malu gives me an elegant, silver box with 6 bottles, my next day’s ration.


My first juice at home is – according to the plan – the algae green “Lemonade No. 3”, from water/lemon/spirulina – in the 1980s we would have called the colour ‘petrol’. Drinking the lemonade first thing in the morning is said to flush the body with alkalinity, “as our body becomes acidic overnight because we are not drinking water…” 

Such taste first thing in the morning requires a little convincing. When taking the glass to my lips, I can smell the slightly salty algae scent which is much more mellow in taste when actually drinking and which is well softened by the lemon taste. Ok, not so bad after all, however I am happy that I am done and over with this particular one for the day, from now on it only gets better!

Planned for mid morning is Green No. 1: the list of ingredients reads like the order form of a veggie shop: apple, spinach, zucchini, fennel, broccoli, parsley, lemon, wheatgrass, lemon grass… 

And again: none of the individual ingredients is stronger than the others in taste, the aftertaste is a firework of healthy flavour! The individual ingredients capture my attention only very briefly only to melt into a totally new blend.

My lunch is Green No. 3, the ingredients read like he back page of the order form…: pear, curly kale (which is THE in-veggie right now), broccoli, parsley, celery, lemon and ginger. 

The ginger taste is a little predominant which suits me well, I like the spicy and clear taste, which again is well camouflaged by the other ingredients in this composition. And again, refreshing lemon!

To be honest, it is hard to chose my favourite between Green No. 1 or Green No. 3.

My dessert today is Green No. 2, a light and refreshing drink with a lemon-pineapple taste, not sweet – not sour, with a great aftertaste of cucumber and wild herbs. Could well become my summer classic!


I am allowed to pamper myself again with a Green No.3 in the afternoon, and in the evening I have the recommended Almond Milk, which was not really a surprise to me. 

As I have not been having any cow’s milk products for some time now in general, almond milk is one of my daily drinks.

The subtle nutty and sweet taste of almonds, dates, syrup and vanilla is very nice, the milk is satiable in the evening.

In the recommendation that comes in the box with the juices, I read: “almond milk at night provides you with important proteins and enhances metabolism. Additionally, it works against the loss of muscle tissue over night.”

Conclusion after my first day of ‘Bergblut’: I can very well imagine enjoying a detox with these juices for a couple of days. The juices are yummy and I am convinced that my body gets all the nutrients it needs. From my experience however, I know that I shall be missing the feeling of solid food in my mouth after a couple of days…yet isn’t there always something 😉

Meanwhile I am really looking forward to summer, when I can try the ‘mountain blood’ juices as a basis for cocktails, or add them to my drinks frozen as ice cubes!


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