My 7 carry-on flight essentials for more wellness in the air

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My 7 carry-on flight essentials for more wellness in the air

I am in the sky again. 

Many years and lots of miles of travelling have perfected my packing skills. When flying, I strictly separate between checked and carry-on luggage. 

Key is to put as much as possible into checked bags as to not have to carry on too heavy a bag around airports. On the other side I want to keep all my valuables and important carry-on flight essentials for more comfort on me.

My 7 constant air travel companions and carry-on flight essentials for more wellness in the air are

  1. Sound Sleep: neck pillow and eye mask

    I take my neck pillow by Tempura everywhere! The cover is washable up to 75 C and the comfort is unmatched! No inflatable or kernel pillow can match my favourite! For delays, long distance flights, night flights or simply a small nap, my neck pillow aids in making any seating arrangement more comfortable. Paired with an eye mask… very close to a hammock-feeling in the air!

  2. Well-off Wear: extra pair of socks and a large scarf

    You will hardly find me ever without a large scarf or pashmina, as they have so many beautiful uses, summer and winter:
    – keeping me warm in the sometimes chilly environment of air conditioned planes and airports
    – shielding me from sight and sun
    – protect shoulders, neck or head
    – and when my children were babies, I could carry them around in it or cover them when tired or cold

  3. Fit Food and Healthy Hydration: a water bottle and a small bag of nuts

    I am not a great fan of airplane food like probably most of you too. Travelling around time zones makes it difficult to eat at a time where I feel hungry, rather than being served. I have not had the pleasure of travelling with Virgin Airlines, where food is served to the passengers individual time zone. What a great idea with regards to health and wellbeing! Since I have to make do with more conservative airlines, I bring my own healthy snack, such as dried fruit and nuts.

  4. Special Sight: e-reader and reading glasses

    I love books in paper and would never have thought that I could enjoy an e-reader.
    Since I like to flip paper pages.
    Because I love to read the last page first.
    As I put a dog-ear to mark the chapter.
    Plus I prefer taking notes with an ink pen.
    How can I do all this with an e-reader?
    Well, some of it I can’t, like the dog-ear, but I do have to admit that I really got used to and fell in love with the e-reader, as I can 
    – bring several books at the same time with no additional weight.
    – take notes electronically.
    – set a bookmark.
    – even look up online words or terms and translations that I have not heard of before.
    I have my personal vocabulary builder.
    And I have a beautiful case around it.

    carry-on flight essentials for more wellness in the air

  5. Happy Hearing: audio books and headphones 

    The headphones come in handy when enjoying inflight audio and video entertainment. Bringing your own means you do not have to do with the offered ones. In case I don’t like the offered program, I retreat to my own audio books and music/video files on my smartphone.

    carry-on flight essentials for more wellness in the air

  6. Tranquillising Toner: facial spray

    A facial spray is an instant pick-me-up in any situation. I have a small TSA friendly re-fill spray bottle that I take along with my favourite facial toner. This can actually change as I love to try new products on the market and I am not super tight brand loyal.

    carry-on flight essentials for more wellness in the air

  7. Super Skincare: moisturiser

    the compact size Body Bâton by Kindred Skincare is my new secret weapon! This little luxurious go-everywhere organic oil based moisturiser is so made for me!
    It comes in different fragrances, thus I can pick according to my mood. The push up solid is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and penetrates the skin in no time. It is ideal for travelling as it keeps my palms slip and mess free! 

    flight essentials for more wellness in the air

oh, and my passport and credit card usually come in handy as well when travelling 🙂

I cannot really say which one is my more important carry-on flight essentials for more wellness in the air out of the 7 listed above. Maybe water. yes, water.

Other than that I try to move around as much as I can, like usually going for an extended walk or hike prior to travelling, walking around airports and even onboard, and by doing my yoga routines in hotel rooms.

Comfortable layered wear helps my sleep on the plane, helps me feeling comfortable at all times and aids in wearing climate according outfits.

What is your secret travel weapon? What is your most important carry-on flight essentials for more wellness in the air? Teach me!

happy and safe travels always,

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting

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