Dieter M. Hörner and Petra Colberg – The Right to be truthful

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Dieter M. Hörner and Petra Colberg – The Right to be truthful

By coincidence I discovered the “Positive Factory” and started attending seminars for personal development. The seminars are fresh, easy-going and non-conventional (which I found strange in the beginning) yet profound at the same time. It is great fun, but simultaneously hard work.

This is it! Development through personal motivation, without pressure and fun and insightful participation from everyone and mutual inspiration. 

The instructors – whom complement each other very well – are Dieter and Petra, and their centre is called ‘Positive Factory’ and received the “International German Training Award” in 2011/2012.

Recently Petra and Dieter launched their new website for team training, company training and management training (see link below).


Your seminars are highly successful, what do you do differently? How do you differ from others?

We teach topics that come from our hearts, not topics that sell well. We do not act as superior instructors in front of our attendees. We see ourselves as caring tutors, being true and authentic.

I (Dieter) have tried to bend over backwards for a long time, I have acted the way I thought I should act in order to be loved. That was an error in thinking and behaving, and I have paid the price which is good in hindsight. I no longer try to bend over backwards, and I’m guessing those people who attend our seminars can sense this authenticity. We hear over and over again that people feel free and alive in our seminars.

Our seminars are applicable to everyday life, we try not to be overly sophisticated but instead offer true assistance. Ultimately, it is about the right “to be true”.

People should become more aware of their “must-should’ beliefs and eliminate those that are outdated or disturbing.


You have just launched your new website especially for Team-Seminars. What is your focus? What is it about?

We would like to touch on an area that sustainably changes our every day interactions.  Until now, unfortunately many of us have limited our jobs to money-making, where once they initially provided happiness and enthusiasm. Yet authentic work includes more than just money or career. Our job is part of our self-expression in this world. Your work, or how you approach it, and how you deal with it, reflects what you think about yourself. It shows how much self appreciation you offer yourself and your colleagues. 

Most of the time it is not purely job specific competencies of co-workers when trouble arises in a team. Or often worse, even if there are no issues, but members of a team or department no longer speak to each other. Instead, they simply do their routines and only do just as much as expected. This is when the personal, communicative and emotional level is disrupted. This is something that cannot be solved with just another training or motivational seminar.

This is our core competence.


You are obviously highlighting emotional levels? Can you elaborate?

International Research shows that abut 80% of professional success depends on emotional competencies (social and self competencies)! Only about 20% of success relies on intelligence (IQ). These findings prove the enormous value of those soft skills in work life.

This is exactly where our core expertise lies, which have been verified by companies through impressive results. 

Buzzwords such as:

  • Bullying, 
  • Burnout, 
  • Over-Exertion,
  • Resignation,
  • Lack of motivation

…is the core of the disorder.


Our approach ‘Through emotional competence one leads to systematic competence’ allows changes into the right direction.

And it is actually not that difficult, or time consuming, once understood and emotionally realised what is happening and how positive change can happen.

The topic work-life balance becomes more and more important. If you think of it: an average worker spends about 70% of his day (while awake) psychologically and physically at work. This means he likely has more contact and interaction with co-workers than family and friends. Work should be completely satisfying and fulfilling. 

This is exactly where our core expertise lies: to aid the individual from exactly where they are and lead them to where they feel comfortable. A win-win situation for the person himself, his colleagues and the company. It is easier to be successful in a happy, joyful, cooperative environment.


What is it going to take in the future for successful Human Resources Management?

Trust in employees! Stop forcing goals onto people and pushing them.

An active team without slave traders.
Everyone has heard that motivation has great impact on success. A team is being motivated (or pushed) to get to where it is supposed to be. Whether done with a carrot and stick approach, when I push the team, I assume that my team wont do it themselves, but that they need someone to push them. This works only short term and has to be repeated constantly. Yet the price that everyone involved has to pay is high.

Our approach is that motivation by individual members of a team mainly derives from within and by good communication between team members. Appreciation, attention and respect are the elements that have major impact on how humans approach a mutual challenge.

Instead of having to provide incentives constantly from outside in order to motivate workers, the Positive Factory team training offers an opportunity to all participants to understand others and take them seriously, and accept their way of being.

or how Dale Carnegie says:

“When people work for you,
give them freedom to work as they see fit.
Keep your faith in their abilities, enabled by the fact that you know
motivation can not be forced.
People must want to do a good job.
Therefore, it is important to find out what they want
and implement what is possible.”

(Dale Carnegie)


How do your team trainings develop?

Even in companies people live

It took a few years before company owners or executives no longer just attended our seminars for personal development. Today we work with entire levels of executives including co-workers in shorter programs.

With our Positive Factory team trainings we change the atmosphere or the climate of a company. Or let me put it this way: new company cultures are being developed.

It is nice that more and more companies begin to understand that this way is the only possible way for everyone involved in the long run.


Thank you Petra and Dieter for your highly appreciated and valuable input. I can only add that once one has had the chance to experience you two ‘live’, one can start to feel how this works. It is a fact that ideas and cooperation start to evolve naturally which allows everyone yo truly benefit – workers, management and last but not least, success.

 Links refer to  a german Website:


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  1. Hallo Simone,

    vielen Dank für deinen netten Kommentar. Finde auch, man kann sich sehr viel rausnehmen.


  2. Simone Wenkel

    Hallo Tanja,

    das alles kann ich nur unterstreichen.
    Es ist schon eine Ewigkeit her als ich das letzte mal bei einen Seminar von Petra und Dieter war und trotzdem wende ich die Werkzeuge manchmal bewusst, manchmal unbewusst in meinem Alltag an.
    Und sie wirken sowas von …

    Auch wenn ich im Moment mit meiner Ausbildung selbst keine Seminare gebe, merke ich doch das ein Coaching im Alltag überall stattfindet.

    Ja und dem Satz von Petra ” Wenn du etwas in Drinem Leben veränderst, dann tue es so das es dir dabei gut geht.”
    Habe ich mir sehr zu Herzen genommen und es funktioniert.

    Namaste Simone 🙂 😉

  3. Hallo Ecki und Petra,

    danke an euch beide für das Kompliment.
    Ecki, hinter manchem Zufall steckt eben gute Planung 😉
    Petra, genau.

    Viele Grüße

  4. Ein tolles Interwiew und es bringt die Positiv Factory auf den Punkt…. Jeder, wirklich jeder kann hier etwas für sich erarbeiten – mit Spass, Freude viel Tiefe, Energie und sehr viel “so sein dürfen wie man ist”. Liebevolle Begleitung ohne dass jemand schiebt oder drückt – das kann man hier erwarten. Liegt vielleicht daran, dass weder Petra noch Dieter ihr Ego aufpolieren müssen. Fazit: die beiden sind toll, machen einen super Job und es lohnt sich da mal ein bisschen Zeit und Geld (für sich selbst) zu investieren.
    Beide Daumen hoch!!
    Liebe Grüße Petra

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