The Stunning Spas in Kitz III: Kitz Spa & Wellness at Hotel Kitzhof

Love is in the air at Kitz Spa & Wellness!

I think I fell in love…

For my series ‘The Stunning Spas in Kitz’ I visited Kitz Spa Wellness in the 4* Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort, which hadn’t exactly been on my spa hotel map so far. 

I had been staying at the hotel some 10+ years ago when it was still Astron property, and remember their loveless and small sauna area at the time.

What a big difference now! 

After a thorough refurbishment some years back, the Kitz Spa & Wellness is nothing short of being just lovely. Ok, the Kitzhof is not a designated wellness hotel, however offers some excellent spa & wellness services to their guests.

The Hotel Kitzhof’s location is marvellous too: between the outskirts of town with excellent road access next to a large free parking area, and town centre only 5 minutes walk away.

I am welcomed by super hospitable Bea, the Spa Manager, who gives me a tour of the facility. She has been in the business for 30 years just like me, so she knows her stuff and we have a great conversation about guest’s needs and demands.

Kitz Spa Wellness

Spa Reception

Bea tells me that today’s spa guests expect immediate effects from a treatment such as a facial for example. Maximum expectation highly influences the lines of products the spa uses. More of that later.

She also shows me to the beautiful pool area with adjacent garden, the – by LifeFitness – well equipped ‘outdoor’ gym ( I just call it ‘outdoor’, it isn’t really), the nude area and spa treatment area. I receive my package of slippers, bath robe and locker key and start exploring.


I am intrigued by the gym first. Well equipped with almost everything you need for your workout, the clean and tidy area is airy with plenty of daylight filtering through glass doors and windows everywhere. And not just daylight, but this pure, fresh mountain air that is so special here. Huge glass sliding doors open up to a water fall, giving the athlete a feeling of working out outdoors!

Kitz Spa Wellness

gym at Kitz Spa & Wellness


Kitz Spa Wellness is focussing on their stunning infinity indoor pool with some additional features like swan neck and underwater massage.

Again, so much daylight and nature nearby, it almost feels like swimming in open air. After a lovely swim I take a nap in the sunny garden, that borders Kitzbuehel town park, with great views over still snow capped mountains.

Kitz Spa Wellness

indoor pool

Heat Experiences

I admit, the area is small, with a few relaxation beds in a conservatory, a Sauna, Bio Sauna and Steam Room by German manufacturer Klafs. Yet comfortable, and totally sufficient for a quick visit after a long day on the ski slopes for example. My favourite at the Kitz Spa Wellness today is the black steam room, nice and hot with great aroma.

Oh, by the way, talking about ski slopes, the hotel is actually located directly opposite the famous ‘Streif’, venue of the annual and (in)famous Hahnenkamm Ski Race, the world cup’s most dangerous ski course.

Kitz Spa Wellness Hotel Kitzhof

My treatment at the Hotel Kitzhof

Kitz Spa & Wellness carries two brands: natural organic brand Just Pure and Ericson Laboratoires with innovative deep-acting effects and multi-therapy approach. The range of products and treatments are offered and implemented exclusively by specially trained derma-therapists. The brand promises that the use of high potential cell extracts, biotech enzymes, ultra-polymerised DNA, plankton and algae extracts, phytohormones, and extracts of fresh caviar cells is responsible for rapid and clearly noticeable results.

Kitz Spa Wellness Hotel Kitzhof

Bea has invited me to try their 90 minute Fresh Caviar Facial plus extra eye treatment. Veronika, my therapist for the day (and skilled photographer as you can tell from my ‘mask’ pic) explains that all treatment rooms have access to a courtyard and hence are spoiled with daylight and calmness.

Kitz Spa Wellness Hotel Kitzhof


I am made comfortable on the super wide and cosy treatment bed. Veronika talks me gently through the protocol, occasionally explaining steps or products. Although I always aim at being highly attentive when doing spa tests, I cannot resist her soothing strokes during the lovely facial massage and drift away. Let me take this opportunity to apologise for my snoring…

Kitz Spa Wellness Hotel Kitzhof







As for the results, please be my judge.




Yes, I l-o-v-e-d the treatment, the products, the protocol, the therapist, the room, the bed,… well everything.

And I start counting in my head the days before I could get a chance to go back to Kitz Spa Wellness…I think I fell in love…

Extra Tip

Visit the hotel bar! The hotel’s modern alpine decor style is stunning, and ‘Aperol’ and ‘Hugo’ are just two of the classic drinks they serve!

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting

Kitz Spa Wellness

Hotel Bar

Hotel Bar

Hotel Bar


view over Kitzbuehler Horn


Indoor Pool

park view

park view

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