my personal skin care favourites

my personal skin care favourites

I am asked a lot what kind of products I personally use for my own skin care routine. I usually do not publish product reviews for home use products on the blog, but this time I am making an exception and let you have a look into my bathroom drawers.

Well, there is no particular brand that I favour, and I have never really used a full line of products from just one brand.

I have always picked my favourites from a wide variety.

Of course I have heard many times that one should always go for a series of products by one brand, as apparently they have specifically been developed to complement each other…

Sorry, but I do not believe in this and am hence am a happy picker of different fruits in a large basket.

I always opt for organic

Over the years, I have tried a huge variety of products, and my favourites change over and again as new products are being developed, yet I always apply the following concepts:

  • my products have to be convenient to be purchased, preferably in real, however I do order online occasionally
  • I always opt for organic, natural products. I like to analyse ingredients via cosmetic analysis
  • in order to please me, products have to be easy to use, non-fussy, uncomplicated, and good value for money
  • I like products with small and recyclable packaging
  • when available I choose niche brands or local manufacturers before mass production
  • whenever I can get my hands on something new, I want to try it. I am not highly brand or product loyal and can be convinced of improvement easily

and these are my current hits, my personal skin care favourites: 


skin care favouritesFor some reason, my eyes do not tolerate cremes. Never have. Creme crawls in my eyes and causes me blurred sight…and that is not very funny (as my eyesight has been vanishing lately anyway…oh well, old age…).

Thus it has to be an eye gel, and I have found a suitable every-day-one from Lavera. Light, easy to apply, comes in a tube, I use it morning and night.



Alverde is a rather low budget brand available in drugstores in Germany, that I am not crazy about in general, however for some reason their rose water is exactly what I need.

skin care favourites


I re-fill the rose water into a spray glass bottle, which makes it fairly easy to apply without further cotton pads. In summer I even use this facial mist very generously as a refresher or pick-me-up several times a day.




Day / Night Care Face

Regulat Beauty, system cosmetics with main ingredient hyaluronic acid, is a bio organic brand with a great range of products. I am a fan of the anti ageing night repair, a rich cream that I apply after the anti ageing lifting serum. 

The lifting serum also works for me in the morning for de-wrinkling my skin first thing.

skin care favourites


When applying decorative make-up, I have found Vinoble Cosmetics DD cream for foundation. The brand from Southern Styria in Austria stands for precious, natural active ingredients derived from grape and elderberry. A lovely combination of wine & wellness!

skin care favourites


In winter I just love the carrot facial oil by Arya Laya. The carrot colour oil  – which magics a sun kissed look on your skin – is rich and great to protect skin from winter stress. But even in summer, I use oil for my face at night sometimes, oil just so does the trick for my dry and dehydrated skin…

Natural oils are dry and easily absorbed by the skin, hence they can also provide the ideal foundation for make up. no crumbling, no smearing, no patches…

Face Cleansing

You may wonder why I am not listing a cleanser? Well, I remove make up simply without any product, solely with my magical glov, a kind of mitten made from special microfibre, which removes all make up magically in almost one wipe. 

On top of that, I cannot find anything more suitable for my tender facial skin than our clean and fresh alpine mountain water to cleanse my face.


I LOVE the little tins and the retro look!

Figs & Rouge Natural Balms are handbag favourites!

skin care favourites

The 17 ml flat tin fits well in any small side pocket and the tiniest of handbags, and looks very stylish!

Since I don’t mind applying products with my finger, it is no trouble to have to remove the lid entirely to get to the colourless balm.

The long-lasting balms all have yummy scents. Pomegranate, one of my regulars, is the fruit of “sin”!


I use natural oils for my body, such as coconut, almond, jojoba etc. 

I hardly ever opt for body lotions or body cremes, or scented oils.

My last batch of natural coconut oil came from Sri Lanka where I was able to bring back some homemade produce from organic farming.

Currently I am using pure Jojoba oil from local Tyrolean producer Josef Mack Natur.

skin care favourites

And when travelling south, I buy Almond oil wherever I can.

Recently I have bought a bottle of body oil by human and kind, containing organic sunflower oil, organic jojoba oil, cold pressed wheat germ oil, natural vitamin E and arnica oil.

I like the unobtrusive scent, the touch, and the application properties. Unfortunately it is not (yet?) available in Germany nor Austria, so won’t be a regular for me for now.

Have you heard of Mahlenbrey skin oils? They make great travel companions in hand – or sports bags due to the light and unbreakable aluminium packaging. I particularly like the list on their homepage providing an overview of which of the 11 oils is suitable for whom.

Above all, pure skin oils are suitable for a variety of treatments, such as hair and nails, or, as I enjoy very much, even for facial skin! 



The entire range of these bodacious oils, that are perfectly suitable for babies and children, are also available in their online shop and definitely belong to my personal skin care favourites.


Bipa (an Austrian store, similar to Boots in the UK) have just launched their own natural skin care label ‘bigood’, a low budget line of registered organic care. From toothpaste over skin care to hair shampoo, almost everything is available. 

I love the deodorant’s size and packaging and with its fresh and citrusy smell, it protects me well throughout the day.


(C) Marias Piper Manufaktur

(C) Marias Piper Manufaktur


Of course I use my body oils on hands and feet, however sometimes, particularly when I am on the road, I opt for the body- and hand creme by MARiAS Piper Biokosmetik Manufaktur




Maria Piper to me is the Grande Dame of natural skin care!
The texture of the product is light and soft, with a hint of flowery scent. The product leaves a lovely feeling on the skin on application and does not leave a greasy film although containing a variety of skin caring oils and active ingredients from calendula or camomile for example.


The two things I can always rely on are 

my skin care favourites



Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, for no matter what kind of emergency: a sun burn, a scratch, a blister, an irritation, an allergic reaction… there is nothing Calendula or Aloe Vera cannot sort out for me!

I buy my calendula cream from a local farmer at our Friday farmer’s market in my hometown St. Johann.

I use Aloe Vera preferably in real, cutting a leave and applying the gel inside to the skin. When fresh plants are not available, I opt for Aloe Vera Face Lotion by Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik.

I would love to hear what you use for your skin care routine, please send me an email to

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting

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