Sundriven – the new way for protecting skin from sun damage and ageing

Sundriven – the new way for protecting skin from sun damage and ageing

The beautiful Mitzi Jo contacted me some time back and asked me, I were interested in reviewing her Sundriven® products, that protect skin from sun damage and ageing. As I am mostly interested in not just any brand, but particularly spa brands, at first I did not think it would fit the blog.

However when I learned more about Mitzi Jo, about what Sundriven is, and the love-it-promise, I realised that we could have a serious spa brand here!

The Story

Mitzi Jo has always been in the ‘beauty’ industry as a makeup artist for top luxury brands to more recent years in the Beverly Hills medical spa industry.

And whilst she realised that no matter what she did to help her clients have youthful faces (when their hands actually gave away true age), it was not before the tragedy of skin cancer hitting family members, that she took serious action.

‘It was those events that made me determined to change not only my life, but to find a way to benefit my community and improve other people’s lives.

I came to the conclusion that women need something new to protect them from harmful UV rays year round: A highly fashionable, extremely effective line of products to protect their skin from sun damage and aging.

Thus, the Sundriven® brand was born.

Building off of my commitment to protective fashion, I tested my first line of products extensively to make sure the fabrics were not only comfortable and breathable, but that they protected the skin from harmful UV rays. It started with driving gloves and quickly grew into much more, including scarves, wraps, ponchos, and other apparel. It truly is a line of products that are as fashionable and beautiful as they are smart and effective.

I started this company because I wanted to create a brand that helped women feel beautiful, timeless and healthy. And I sincerely hope Sundriven® enables women of all ages to embrace the outdoors while looking gorgeous and staying safe.’

(c) Sundriven

(c) Sundriven

How does the new way for protecting skin from sun damage and ageing work?

Sundriven UV wear with special prioritec™ fabric technology protects the skin and helps to prevent dark spots, wrinkles collagen breakdown, loss of elasticity, and other signs of ageing and damage. 

The lightweight and ultra smooth fabric for Sundriven wear is made from trees that are sustainably harvested. It contains  fibrils (tiny “hairs”) with temperature-regulating properties that have the ability to absorb excess moisture and release it into the air, keeping your skin comfortable and happy in both cool and warm weather.

I find it an easy anti-ageing product, plus ideal for people who suffer from allergies to cosmetics! On top, the fabric contains botanical fibres, eliminating the risk of skin irritation — perfect for those with sensitive skin.

new way protecting skin sun damage ageing

My Sundriven Experience

Summer had us waiting this year in the Austrian Alps, however a recent trip to the beach provided me with a great opportunity to test the innovative Sundriven UV wear myself.

Mitzi Jo had sent me 3 lovely pieces, gloves, wrap and dress in three different colours to be able to experience a variety of the range.

My very first impression when unpacking my Sundriven shipment was ‘OMG’! How lovely to the touch, luxurious fabric and beautiful colours, simple and elegant cuts!

All 3 pieces were very comfortable to wear, in heat, wind and on less sunny days too. Washing them was easy, they kept their lovely shapes and colours just fine.

In lack of a convertible car, I tested my gloves riding on my bike and realized that they can be used on my touch screen devices!

new way protecting skin sun damage

I wore the stretchy and comfortable dress at home, to the beach and going out, and the lightweight wrap has become my new favourite head cover!

All pieces are handmade in the US, in sunny Los Angeles. Both, production and materials are local, which adds a desired ethical aspect to the brand:

  • local job creation and no outsourcing to third-world-countries with sometimes questionable work conditions
  • supports the local economy and reduces carbon footprint by shorter supply ways

“Community” is one of the new key words in Wellness; the Sundriven commitment is right on track and trendy!

new way protecting skin sun damage ageing

Sundriven Shopping

Sundriven UV wear – recommended by the Skin Cancer Society – is available at retailers in California, and online:

  • tops and figure pleasing wraps
  • bottoms
  • dresses & tunics
  • fitness & athleisure
  • swim cover ups
  • resort wear
  • gloves & scarves

Wrap Up

I believe that Sundriven is a real spa brand, and would love to see it represented in spa shops all over the world!

Follow Sundriven on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, or sign up for their newsletter. 

new way protecting skin sun damage ageing

Want to contact them directly? This is how:
for customers:
for press:

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