Sauna Highlights

Are You a Sauna Type? Here are two Sauna Highlights for You!

Those who enjoy heat experiences will certainly like the Hotel Alpenrose by the Achensee lake, where I have found an exceptional sauna culture.  

Special praise for management

Special praise for management: the sauna operation has been outsourced and given to the care of the “Saunameister” (translates to ‘sauna master’).   This results in outstanding quality, as the responsible staff members are not only highly qualified in their areas, but also able to focus to 100% on what they do best.

Gery, our ‘sauna master’ even shared his knowledge and experience with us, his guests during the sauna sessions in an informative and entertaining way.  

The saunas are all in the vicinity of the natural swimming pond, well distributed in the spacious garden of the hotel and offer different sound, visual and entertaining aspects. For example in the “Kraeuteralm Erlebnis Sauna”  different special infusions are celebrated, followed by a dip in the garden pond.  


Garden Pond Hotel Alpenrose Achensee

  Tanja and I were totally over the moon when offered a refreshing glass of wheat-beer during the cool-down period after a particularly sweat-producing session! Sooooooo delicious (and non-alcoholic)! Our skin in the meantime enjoyed the self-administered jojoba massage oil that came along afterwards.  

High Tech does not stop at the spa doorstep

Those who love to take high tech a step further should go experience the sauna events at Hotel Andreus in the Passeier valley in South Tyrol: Helli, sauna infusion world champion (yes, they do world championships in this discipline!)  in his leather loincloth, is unforgettable for his visual, sound, light, laser show!   .

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  1. Steffen

    Hey, in dem Andreus Hotel ist doch gerade unsere Fussball Nationalmannschaft

    • Hallo Steffen, ja genau, ‘unsere’ Jungs treiben sich im Andreus rum! Die wissen halt auch, was gut ist!

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