How hygienic is your Steam Room?

Steam Rooms – sure, but safely!

A few days ago we saw the first pictures of snow for this winter season. And although not everyone is going to see snow for themselves, winter is both felt and visible by the falling temperatures and the earlier sunsets. This kind of climate is definitely motivating us to visit saunas. Besides Finnish saunas, steam rooms must surely be popular in your Spa too?

However, caution is advised – bacteria can grow fast in such a warm and humid environment on the tiled surfaces in the steam room. 

Even after rinsing the benches with water from the provided water hoses, the concentration of bacteria can be alarmingly high. What can you do, to ensure your guest’s safety?

spapad Team

Three students from Berlin asked themselves this very question. And seeing as they did not find a suitable solution in the market, they developed a fit product themselves without further adieu. The result is the spa pad, a seating pad made from silicon, which is water permeable, heat proof and skin compliant.

Pads like the spa pad should be a natural addition to a steam bath as slippers are in a pool area… reads the homepage, where you can also purchase the pad. The design of the pad is simple yet elegant. 

The Spa Pad is easy to use, washable and hence highly hygienic, easy to store and durable – which makes it a perfect supply for every spa operation!

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